Saturday, February 18, 2012


So I have to tell you about my sister-in-law.  This girl is amazing.  In fact, I can't decide if she is perfect. I think she might be.  Can I tell you why?

1. She has an amazingly positive attitude; she is ALWAYS smiling or laughing!

Exhibit #1:  Mad cheerful skillz...even while hefting a large pumpkin...
2. She is Mother-Teresa kind. She always has a cheerful greeting and kind word for you, and never lets any one feel left out.

3.  She is a smart cookie!  She got her Bachelor's degree in Nursing and is an RN at St. Al's in Boise (now why didn't I think of going into nursing!?!).  And she's been doing that awhile! I think she got her RN when she was basically a teenager, which means she didn't dilly dally in college like the rest of us.

4.  She is an amazing baker. She worked in a pastry shop in Sun Valley when she was in high school (also very cool!) and she makes crap that can only be found in Food Network magazine and on pintrest. But believe me, her stuff LOOKS like the pictures.  And tastes even better.  We all hope and pray that she brings dessert to Sunday dinners every week.

Exhibit #2: Mad baking skillz....
5.  She is a bit narcoleptic.  The girl can fall asleep anywhere within 45 seconds.  Give her a shoulder, a couch to sit on, or enough room to stretch out on the floor and bam! She's out.  But she's even cute asleep, so we all just nudge each other, point, and chuckle while shaking our heads at her.

Exhibit #3:  Mad sleeping skillz...
6.  She is beautiful!! Like in a classically beautiful way.  Ro and I have compared her to Audrey Hepburn, and her patients have too.  I'm sorry, but my brother married WAY up.

Exhibit #4:  Mad beauty skillz... 
7.  She adores my brother.  They are so lovely to watch together; the way Mo teases her mercilessly, but is so terribly affectionate towards her, that you know he's only teasing her about the things that he secretly adores about her.  And the way she can't resist reaching up on her tip toes to kiss his cheek or snuggle into his arms, you know she is so happy with him.  Together they enjoy biking (like serious biking, people, not some random 10 minute ride semi-annually) in nifty spandex shorts and fancy shoes, and I think that's pretty cool too.

Exhibit #5: Mad being-in-love skillz...
8. Oh! And she is an AMAZING blogger!  She really stepped it up this last year, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy her posts.  She is funny, well spoken, and comes up with the coolest topics and pictures.

Bottom line: I am inspired by this woman! I want to be more like her (except for the baking part, she can keep that).  It's good to have role models, even when you're almost 30.

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    I just teared up a little.
    Di! you are so sweet!
    It's ok for you to be my role model too right? I've looked up to you for the longest time. You and your amazing fashion sense, your mamma skills, your interior design abilities...Mo and I love spending time with you. (I think another trip to Texas Road House is in order?)
    P.S. I know this is weird, but I'm thinking you should totally write my eulogy. :)