Thursday, July 21, 2011

where do i even start...

Is it the crazy hair?
Is it the shirt that is three sizes too big?
Is it the Christmas-colored clothing scheme?
It couldn't be the goggles around her belly???  Could it?

This is so Adelaide.  We were waiting for speech therapy and she's doing her crazy dancing around the waiting room thing, when all of a sudden she pulls her shirt way up and flashes the goggles.  Who knows how long they'd been there?? They're new - I just got the kids each a pair at Costco over the weekend, so they were all obviously smitten and carrying them around; but just where and when they made it around her stomach is a mystery. But she thought it was hilarious, and giggled about it all through speech. And it made me laugh out loud, and I can ALWAYS use a good laugh.  Silly girl.  

And in gardening news..

            The victims...                                        The culprits....

We originally planted ten corn rows this year. When I got to the garden on Monday afternoon, the first five rows were just...gone.  That's never happened, so I thought I should document this! So here's what happened (since you're dying to know).  The neighbors across the canal grow seed corn.  When ours was getting ready to pollinate, it was at the wrong time for their crop and if left alone, would ruin their entire crop. So they asked us to knock ours down, and in exchange, they would give us corn from the patch they grow for cases such as these.  How sweet is that? Corn with none of the work! Of course, it couldn't have been one of MY rows that got knocked down; that would have been too sweet of a deal. 

Good news: Uncle Mark plowed my carrot row for me (no carrots planted yet), so I was in and out of the garden in under half an hour.

Bad news: the radishes and turnips had worms??? Gross, and bummer...

The garden tonight (Uncle Mark riding tractor)...

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  1. Adelaide is adorable. :) Goggles totally work as a belt.