Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sick kids are the worst...

I initially feel so loved when Adelaide comes to snuggle, quickly followed by suspicious.  When she climbed on my lap this morning at work and laid her head on my chest and started the whimpering, I braced myself for the worst.  Surely it couldn't be the flu again?! We just suffered through that misery two weeks ago!  Lucky for her (and me!), it was just a fever and goopy eyes. I made a bed for her on the floor of my office with one of her blankets and her very favorite stolen stuffed animal.  

Doesn't she look sad, or at the very least, dazed by the flash? 

I kid you not, ten minutes later I get up to refill my water bottle (okay, who are we kidding? I was getting up to get another 20 oz. Pepsi
 out of the fridge), and THIS is what I walk in on.

I'll let the pictures do the typing...

Why does she look so confused here? What did she think would happen when 
she stuck her saliva-soaked, grubby fingers into the Nesquik container?

Huh. Still dirty...

And this is my favorite. I like to think she was helping me out
by cleaning off most of the mess on her hands.

Always an adventure, this parenting gig...

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