Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wow, it's been so long since I've posted, they've completely changed the format on here. Hopefully I can still find my way around.

I'm embarrassed to admit why I haven't posted for so long. Luckily, I have so few readers, I will confess what I have been doing for the last two months.  My friend Gina introduced me to "The Tudors", a Showtime series about King Henry VIII.  Seriously...I'm so ashamed of how many hours I spent watching that wonderfully addictive and smutty TV series. But ladies, when you can watch this guy:

Henry personal favorite...
Why wouldn't you???

Not to mention this guy:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers...definitely hotter than the real Henry VIII...

It couldn't be helped. I had to watch every single episode.  To the detriment of my laundry, dishes, and my children.  I finished the series last night, and feel like my life is kind of over.  

I also spent a couple of weeks with my sister Ro:

This smart lady has a BS in CHEMISTRY, she's crazy smart...

watching the genius that is "Downton Abbey".  Cousin Matthew is probably the only guy that can be considered somewhat handsome in this series, but the cinematography, acting, and dialogue make up for the bad teeth and homely looks. Just kidding, I don't remember any bad teeth.  This was really a great show!  
I know this may not be a compliment to the show, but do you know what I thought was coolest?  It looked like the show had been filmed in the seventies or eighties to me, and I'm not sure why! It just had an old feeling to it.  Regardless,  looking forward to the next season coming out this winter, I believe.

Lest you think I was entirely slothful and indolent, I DID work on a cross stitch for my sister's (Cynthia, this time) brand new baby boy. He's a doll.  Anyway, bought the damn thing over eight months ago and finally finished it last week.  I tried to load a photo of it, but the awesomeness was too much for my computer and it kept freezing. But this is the more important finished product; he is sincerely and utterly adorable.  

Bentley Zach Woolsey...

So I've been missing in action for a couple of months, but until the next amazing series comes along...maybe I'll find the time to post more frequently...and actually, I'm LOVING this new format!! So much easier to post pictures! When did that happen!? Ohhh...right...probably during "The Tudors".

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  1. So great to see a new post! I adore Downton Abbey! I have lost many hours to that show :)