Sunday, May 20, 2012

dirty thirty...

On the eve of my thirtieth birthday, I feel the need to ramble...

How grateful I am to be turning thirty!  Once again, I must quote that complete time waster website that I love with all my heart, PINTREST...

I am so happy to be turning thirty! I have a healthy body and I want for nothing.  I have a warm, cozy home, three beautiful, happy and kind children, friends and family who love me, gainful employment, and a bright outlook for the future.

I got approved for a home loan two weeks ago!  I'm so grateful to be looking for my own little piece of heaven.  I'm excited for what life holds for myself, and for my three little ones.

I struggle so often with discouragement, and on nights like tonight, it seems so unwarranted!  I have much to be grateful for.  Saw this (also on Pintrest), and thought it summed it up nicely.  I think it will be my motto for the upcoming year.

So what if some other thirty year old is so much "further ahead" than I am! So what if they've got a rocking body, and have a better job, and live in a nicer house and drive a newer car than I do!  No more comparing!  Not to say I don't have goals, but not obtaining them will not determine my level of happiness... So anyway...lest my ramblings become incoherent and I start to type things I'll think sound stupid in the morning, let me leave you with something ridiculously funny...because everyone knows the Humor section on Pintrest is the best section, and because I totally dug my Crocs out from under the bed on Saturday morning and wore them to Fred Meyer...


  1. WOw! Happy Birthday, sweet friend! Go get it, GIRLFRIEND!

  2. Hey Di! Great blog! I just buzzed through it to catch up a little more. Since you can't really get into a deep conversation while 50 other people are around or interrupting, etc. :) Glad to hear about the home loan--that's exciting! Great attitude/quote about the age. Some people get too down on the number. It's all about how old you make yourself, right? Who cares about the number?! Love ya!