Friday, January 2, 2015

happy new year...

Ask me what I did for New Year's and I will reply with one thing, and one thing only: FOOTBALL.  Growing up, the only football I knew was the kind where you couldn't use your hands. Since meeting Andrew, I've become acquainted with the other kind, and I've become a fan.  Not the fantasy-football-addict, know-the-name-of-the-players, can't-miss-a-game fan, but the yeah-I'll-take-football-over-anything-else-on-TV fan.  And the last two days of football did not disappoint.  We closed the office at 1:00 PM so we could be home in time to watch BSU's third appearance at the Fiesta Bowl at 2:00 PM. It seemed like a blow-out after the first quarter, but by the fourth, we were all biting our nails.

Boise State did NOT disappoint, and we won 38-30.  A bunch of seriously happy campers.  The game was followed by Andrew trying to teach Adelaide and Marlie how to do head-stands. The tutorial was unsuccessful. 

 We were super lame and in bed and asleep before midnight.   Which totally reminded me of this:

New Year's Day was followed by a solid 12 hours of intense football action -- every game was better than the next, it was so much fun to watch! We always rooted for the underdog, and the underdog won, every single time (I'm sure our cheering made the difference).

It looks like Adelaide sprouted a beauty mark in this photo, but it's just a lingering scab from a little scratch from Aunt Barb's dog last weekend.  Andrew's brother and sister-in-law and three kids were over for both days of football, and you might wonder how we kept six kids entertained all that time.  We honestly didn't have to - they entertained themselves (win/win for all involved). The girls played with Marlie, and Christian played with Jake and Wyatt and we hardly saw any of them. The boys would surface for air once in a while to watch a little football, and the girls would come entertain us with gymnastics routines they'd choreographed, but other than that, they kept themselves happy and that made us happy.   

It was a new and fun way to spend New Year's.  Normally, I set at least a few goals and resolutions for the New Year, but I feel like that would requiring analyzing 2014 and my life at this point, and that seems like too much work. That sounds like a good task for Monday.  Until that Monday happens, Happy New Year to you and yours!

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