Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what happened?

Man, I was totally doing awesome there for a while. So what happened?

Good times.

 No pictures. But it was six hours of good fun and some of the most 
delicious corn  I've ever tasted. I think we should have those guys 
grow it for us every year.  
We'll knock down five rows, no problem.

Andrew's parents took some of us to this concert and it was PHENOMENAL.
 Loved it.  Especially loved it when we drove all the way to the concert, 
and then Andrew realized he left his ticket at home. 
 But he made it eventually. As far as the pictures go...
Andrew never knows where to look at the camera.

My first time ever. My favorite part by far was seeing the animals.
Followed closely by the yummy fair food.

You'd think he sees enough John Deere equipment at work...

And no, I'm not one of those moms. 
The only tears I cried were tears of joy and happiness.
Just being honest.

This is how Lou felt about being left behind.

But why go to school when you can play with ink pads all day?

*I worked a long week (we're talking 35 hours, people!) when half the office was out of town
*My AC broke down for the 3rd time this summer!  Replace the damn thing already!!
*The usual loads of laundry, dishes (by hand, mind you), vacuuming, dusting, yard work, bathing kids, brushing teeth, trying to keep my sanity, etc, etc.

I guess I've just been a little busy.  Did I mention that I'm in WASHINGTON, DC!?  At an IRS Tax Forum...and believe me, I have never been surrounded by so many people who look like accountants. Oh wait...rriiigghhhttt...I also don't think I've seen anyone under 45 for two days straight.  But I'm learning a lot! And I'm so grateful for the opportunity to come! Have I mentioned that I have just about the best boss ever!? (And she doesn't read my blog, so I'm totally not sucking up.)  

This was my view from a bench at lunch time.  

And last night...so beautiful.

We're going to do an amazing tour tomorrow night; hopefully I will remember to take a lot of pictures.  I miss the kids.  But time flies here too...I'll be home before I know it.

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